Services: Helping you manage your social media

EXPbranding can assist you with your online branding and social media needs in several ways. We will help you create a strategy that fits your business (not every business should have a Facebook page!) and then help create a plan to implement that strategy.

As an EXPbranding client, you will receive personalized service that is tailored to your needs. Our team members are dedicated to working closely with each client individually to develop and implement the best social media strategy for your brand. Our experts will be at your disposal to help you inform, engage and interact with your brand’s customers.

The Full Service Plan

Many businesses don’t have staff that is equipped to handle social media or to properly integrate it with the company’s branding and PR objectives. In other cases, staff members just don’t have the time to perform these functions well.

Instead of bringing on more employees, you can hand off these daily functions along with the overall strategic planning and coordination with the marketing and PR teams to EXPbranding and we will handle it for you.

The Consulting Plan

Other companies have staff or outside PR specialists that can handle day-to-day updates, yet need some guidance on creating an online branding and social media strategy that fits their overall marketing and PR goals. In these cases, we can work with your team members to formulate a strategy and outline a plan that can be implemented by your staff. Our involvement can be tailored to your specific needs.

Learn more about the unique branding opportunities presented by social media and the knowledge and experience of the EXPbranding team.