Our Value Proposition: Years of social media experience

Our company brings years of experience in online marketing, PR and social media. We launched our first online magazine in 2000, and we built a collection of online magazines and blogs that generate millions of unique visitors per month.

We’ve naturally evolved through the years and we’ve built up our own social media presence to enhance our various brands. But as influencers in various vertical like men’s lifestyle and automotive, we’ve worked closely with brands who have reached out to us to help them get their messages out to their consumers.

Thus we’ve had the unique opportunity to learn about the potential of social media from various perspectives. We’ve had to use these tools for our own brands, and we’ve been a part of many cutting edge social media efforts, from some of the largest brands in the world to newer brands looking to make a splash.

With this experience, we are well equipped to work with companies of all sizes to help develop and then implement a social media strategy that is tailored to a company’s needs and maximizes a company’s assets. Also, with our experience as a publisher and the relationships with other bloggers and publishers we’ve built over the years, we can work with a company’s PR department or agency to enhance the impact of social media, or we can handle many aspects of a company’s online PR if other professionals are not engaged.

We decided to launch EXPbranding to help bring this expertise to companies that can enhance their brands through the use of social media. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your online branding and social media needs.

Learn more about the unique branding opportunities presented by social media and the various services we offer.